Hydro-Mizer's patented water conservation products are designed to deliver an immediate return on investment - dramatically reducing water usage and the operational burden associated with water sustainability efforts - time, manpower and utility costs.

The patented Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom is easy to use and cleans in less time while using far less water than a commercial hose with sprayer or power washer.

Here are some Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom Specifications for you to splash over

  • Built for use, our Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom can save up to 80% or more water used by a power washer or hose alone. Rugged Construction - Heavy gauge 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum construction, built to schedule 80 standards, with solid brass jets and fittings; two insulated hand grips, and featuring a Parker industrial hose quick connect.
  • Hydro-Mizer Water Saving Heavy Duty Industrial Waterbroom uses a patented combination of air and water pressure.
  • Easy to use - Anyone from ages 16 to 80 can operate this lightweight, effortless water broom. The air and water pressure do the work.
  • Save Oodles Of Water - the Hydro-Mizer Water Saving Heavy Duty Industrial Waterbroom is a high quality product that uses only about a tablespoon of water per square foot at normal walking speed to clean most outdoor surfaces. It uses as little as 3.4 GPM vs a hose and nozzle that uses 8 to 18 GPM.
  • Clean all of your hard surfaces exceptionally well without sending any water down the drain to pollute our oceans, lakes and streams.
  • Cleans Faster-75% less labor than cleaning with a garden hose.
  • Remove dust, dirt, debris, food spills, leaves, litter, sawdust and bird droppings from concrete, asphalt, aggregate or any other composition surface and can be directed onto planters, shrubs and lawns for irrigation.
  • Tons Of Uses -Walkways, driveways, boat decks, pool deck, patios, tennis courts, patios, outdoor tables, benches, schools, shower rooms, commercial kitchens, mats, garage areas, auto dealerships, gas stations, amusement parks, hotels, apartments/condos, churches…
WB-32Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom 32" Manifold, 7 Brass Jet Spray Nozzles 3.4 GPM
WB-42Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom 42" Manifold, 9 Brass Jet Spray Nozzles 4.5 GPM

Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom Specification Sheet

Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom Instruction Sheet

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