Waterbroom : Design

Design uses the Venturi effect

Heavy-duty aluminum construction

Food grade approved wheels

Works with water pressure up to 150 PSI

Waterbroom : At Work

Firehouses, Schools, Hospitals
Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls
Sports Venues, Construction Sites
Industrial Facilities

Hydro Miser Water Broom

Waterbroom : Delivers

Significantly reduces water use

Virtually eliminates urban runoff

Increases productivity

Easy to use

Imagine cleaning all outdoor surfaces while saving money, water and time.

Well, now it's possible...with the Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom!

a Water Saving Heavy-Duty Industrial Cleaning Tool...


Design uses the Venturi effect (a combination of air and water) allowing cleaned area to dry in minutes

Effectively works with water pressure up to 150 PSI

Heavy-duty aluminum construction

Food grade approved wheels for restaurants, food plants, dairies, etc.

U.S. Patent 7,063,281


Significantly reduces water use when cleaning compared to a pressure washer or hose with sprayer

Can use hot water to cut thru grease and grime

Reduces labor by increasing productivity and efficiencies

Virtually eliminates urban runoff

Will not harm pavers, epoxy floor finishes, court coatings, asphalt or concrete

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The Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom website is now live at hydromizer.net. The original patented Waterbroom is available here.
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Saving you time & money

Introducing: The Hydro-Mizer Waterbroom!!!

The patented Waterbroom cleans in less time while using far less water than a commercial hose with sprayer or power washer.

Built to industrial standards with aircraft strength aluminum, the Waterbroom is suitable for a large variety of work environments, including hotel pool & tennis areas, schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, construction sites, industrial facilities, multi-family residential, and more.

You can now order your Hydro-Mizer Waterbrooms from our online store.

The Waterbroom is available in two sizes:

42" Manifold length - Model # WB-42

32" Manifold length - Model # WB-32

1 Year Limited Warranty

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